Track sessions are held on a Monday from 7:00pm at the Saffron Lane Athletics Stadium. These coached sessions are free of charge to members, and currently the track fees are included in the club membership fee.

Track Etiquette

Track sessions run by West End are usually busy and we do not have exclusive use of the track.

To help sessions run smoother for all athletes and coaches the following guidelines will help your experience of the track be enjoyable:

  • Always run anti-clockwise including when running down the home and back straight.
  • Use the outer lanes (lanes 5 and 6) for recovery runs, warm-up and cool-down.
  • Treat the track and infield like you would a road. Look both ways and make sure it is safe to cross at all times.
  • When running in lane 1, stay as close as you can to the inside of the track. If passing another runner give them space, particularly when moving back into lane 1.
  • When a faster runner comes up behind you and wants to pass, they will shout, “track”. On hearing the shout, “track”, move to the outer lanes if it is SAFE to do so.
  • Have a quick glance behind you when finishing a rep for any incoming runners. Be aware of other runners moving into lanes 5 and 6 for recovery.
  • Never stand on the track, especially in lanes 1 or 2. When you finish an interval, look over your shoulder and move to the right as you stop. If you move left you are more likely to get run over by another runner. Watch out for the sprinters/hurdlers that may be using the outer lanes.
  • The in-field is generally out of bounds when being used by throwing athletes. If you are late for the session, walk around the outside of the track to join in. This may take longer but will prevent you from being hit by a throwing implement.
  • Avoid using headphones when using the track to avoid not hearing other track users or safety announcements.