Trophy Race

The Trophy Race is a series of popular members-only 2.5 mile handicap races held on club nights through the summer at Braunstone Park and Victoria Park. It’s a great event for members of all paces, with everyone getting the chance to win by finishing ahead of their predicted time. Expect exciting finishes, with all runners crossing the line within a short space of time. A trophy is awarded to the winner of each event, and there’s an award for the series winner too.

The Rules

  1. The series comprises five races. First past the post gets 100 points, second gets 99 points and so on. The person with the highest score wins. Four out of the five races count towards the challenge score so your worst race score is discarded. If you miss a race or fail to finish your score will be 0.
  2. The handicapping is based on a runner’s predicted race time. For the first race of the series a runner takes part in, a handicap will be calculated based on your best or most recent 5k times (parkrun times accepted). After each race the handicaps are recalculated – a faster run sees your handicap based on that faster time. A slower run sees your handicap recalculated based on an average of times (this is to prevent deliberate slow running to obtain a more favourable handicap!) This allows runners who have lost form to remain competitive within the series.
  3. The handicapping means that the slowest runner starts first and the fastest last. 
  4. The Route – IS NOT MARKED, there is no guarantee of any marshals telling you where to go, although members are welcome to volunteer to marshal for races! Please familiarise yourself with the route before starting the race. We will be using the existing routes around Victoria Park and Braunstone Park. There will be a map of each course on the notice board and on the website.
  5. The first and last races in the series may be in the dark; you are advised to wear suitable a high viz equipment. High Viz vests may be available to buy from the kit shop, see the club website for details. There are no major road crossings on either route but please be aware of your own safety and that of the pedestrians and cyclists around you.
  6. Be prepared to run alone for some if not all of the race, although other runners will most likely be within sight.
  7. The race ends with a finishing funnel, you MUST stay in line until your number has been recorded. If you do not wait in line you will be disqualified.
  8. Do not drop out of the race and run home without telling anyone, the race organisers will not be best pleased to stand around waiting for you and then go out looking for you whilst you are at home with your feet up.
  9. New entrants CANNOT be accepted on the day of the race – the race software is already set up and we can’t amend it.

The Routes

The Results

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The FAQs

Will you look after my bike /keys / stuff?

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Why is the race often won by newcomers?

Why don’t fast runners win?

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Why do I need a number?

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Who created the race?

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What’s the Trophy?

What’s the Trophy Race?

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What are the rules?

What are the routes?

My time is wrong!

I’ve not had a number. Can I run in the Trophy race?

The History

The West End Grand Prix existed for many years utilising local races hand picked by a Committee. The results of which were then subjected to an age-related performance calculation, seemingly formulated by NASA and designed to reward improvement over the course of the year. In 2004 the name was changed to the West End Trophy.

By 2008 interest in the race series had waned, and the AGM discussed ways forward, long-standing club member Andrew Middleton suggested the idea for a handicap race. This was taken forward by Yvonne Beckwith who devised the routes and the format of 6 races during Spring and Summer. We tied in the launch of the race series to our 25th Anniversary (2009) with a distance of 2.5 miles to both commemorate this and be accessible to all members of the club.  Andrew Middleton designed and implemented the computer programme for the chasing start, dictated by handicap. 

The ‘Two Parks Callenge’ race series was adopted with typical West End enthusiasm. The handicap format provided more interest and a greater challenge than a more traditional race format, allowing every runner the chance to cross the finish line first, no matter what their pace.